Tchos' Dwemer Chainlink Corridors Tileset

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  • By request, I've made a tileset of dwemer corridors and room pieces (as well as a few other pieces) with see-through chainlink mesh sections (mostly on the side walls and ceilings), and I'm releasing them here as a modders' resource. Also included is an ESP with the pieces all imported, and I created a cell to show what can be done with them. I'm planning to expand this test cell into a full dwemer dungeon, so please don't copy that particular layout for your mod, but use it as inspiration. The entrance to the test cell is a round trap door in the floor on the lower level of Arkngthand, in the room with Cristus Lync in it. Or you can just type in the console:

    coc "dwemer excavation"

    This tileset comes with two alternate textures for the chainlinks. One is the corroded-looking grey material, and the other is more brass-like. I prefer the brass, myself, and have it as the default. Also included is an optional texture replacer for the threadplate no-slip flooring (

    Release Date
    Aug 19th 2009
    490 kb

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