[REL] Ascadian Rose Cottage

    • [REL] Ascadian Rose Cottage

      Autor / Author: Korana
      Version: 1.0
      Kategorie / Category: Häuser / housings
      Sprache / Language: english
      Dateigröße / File size: 11.0 MB
      Morrowind: (aktueller Patch / recent patch) , Addons: Tribunal und Bloodmoon

      Ascadian Rose Cottage ist dein Haus fern von daheim.

      Ich habe dies Haus gemacht, weil ich weiß, dass ich in Morrowind das bekommen kann, wovon ich im realen Leben träume: ein gut ausgestattetes und behagliches Häuschen mit Rosenstilelementen. Angeregt wurde ich dazu von einigen Bildern von alten englischen Landhäusern.

      Das Haus ist mit vielen Blumen dekoriert, handgemaltem Geschirr mit einem Rosenmotiv, gemütlichen Sofas und vielen Kleinigkeiten.

      Das Haus kann für 3000 Goldstücke von der Hausverwalterin gekauft werden.

      Es ist nördlich von Pelagiad zu finden.

      Readme englisch:
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      Ascadian Rose Cottage V1.0
      by Korana


      Ascadian Rose Cottage is your home, away from home.

      I created this home because I knew I could have in Morrowind what I dream
      for in real life: A rich and cozy rose cottage. This home was inspired by
      a few images I found of old English cottages.

      The cottage is decorated with lots of flowers, handpainted dishes in a rose
      theme, cozy sofas, and lots of detail.

      The cottage can be purchased from the female caretaker for 3000 gold.

      The cottage is found North of Pelagiad.

      **Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions**


      Please make a note that this cottage is NOT an all around interactive experience.
      The cottage does NOT offer alchemy sorting service, or mannequins. I did however
      leave space for mannequins in the display room, and there are containers for ingrediants (see below).

      *Alchemy baskets for ingrediants are available. They are in albhabetical order.

      *A cozy cottage inspired kitchen, with dish rack, central island, large fireplace,
      attached green house room, mud room, and lots of dishes for your enjoyment.

      *A comfy dining area with the tea set up for you by your kind caretaker!

      *A display room with several tables, but mostly empty space so that you can place
      your own tables, mannequins, or display cases.

      *A private quarter second floor featuring: The study, the master bedroom, the bathroom, the nursery, and the sitting area.

      *The private area offers a harp and a piano that will play a complete song for you when activated!

      *A balcony looks out onto the nearby lake. Outside is a painting in progress of the surrounding area, with paint and paintbrushes. There is also a hammock to sleep in.

      *The male caretaker, Bentil, will take you to the following places by boat: Vivec, Ebonheart, Suran, and Hla Oad.

      *You are given a scroll once you purchase the cottage. This scroll will call Bentil to you. He will offer you and your companions safe passage straight into the front door, for a price. He will not appear if you are nearby him outside. Be warned- he gets a bit grumpy when torn away from his fishing!

      *The house offer's a large basement with several rooms and features: The wine making room (if you use NOM), the pottery room (complete with a somewhat working Kilin), and many chests for storage.

      *The most attractive feature of this house is it's comatibility to Emma's children mod. (see Compatibility section please)

      *The bathtub and the Kilin are interactive.

      *This house features custom china and a custom rose teaset. The items are placed
      in the house already, but if you desire more they can be bought from the caretaker
      as well. There is even a toy teaset!

      *NOM (Neccesities of Morrowind) compatibility. (see Compatibility section please)

      *The female caretaker will sell you many of the household items added by this mod, as well as some ingrediants and NOM food.

      *Gardeners of Morrowind Compatibility (see Compatibility section please)

      *There is a large straw feathered hat included for females that I added on request. It is equipped as a helm, and can be used for all races.


      *Neccesities of Morrowind (NOM):

      There are NOM foods and wine available inside the cottage,the exterior well is a NOM well, the wine kegs use NOM scripts, the silver teapot can be used for making tisane, and there are NOM cookbooks available for your use.

      In order to reap the benefits of the compatibility, the esp for Necessities of Morrowind needs to be loaded AFTER the cottage esp. The easiest way to do this is to open up the Construction Set, select the Necessities of Morrowind esp as the active file, and save without making any changes to the esp file.

      If you are NOT using NOM, you will not notice any difference to the cottage or gameplay.

      *Children of Morrowind/Your Morrowind Family, by Emma:


      Emma has graciously created special dialogue for the children if you give them a nice home in the cottage!

      A special nursery has been designed just for them! They have books and toys, and children sized furniture! There is still lots of shelf room for any more toys you would like to place on your children's shelves!

      Please see the known issue section for information about the children and the nursery!

      If you are not using Children of Morrowind/Your Morrowind Family you will not notice any difference to gameplay....except the fact that you have a nursery and no children! If you do not like this, many of the items can be deleted in the cs, or by opening up the console, clicking on the item, and typing in "disable".

      *Gardeners of Morrowind:

      This plugin has been given special trees, to specifically work with Gardeners of Morrowind.

      The cottage is surrounded by large, animated trees by Lady E. These trees drop their leaves.

      If you are not using Gardeners of Morrowind you will still have the large beautiful trees. It may not blend in with the rest of the region, but it adds to the general ambience of the cottage!

      Extract the self installing archive directly into your Morrowind folder.

      After installing make sure to enable the plugin in the Morrowind Launcer/Data Files menu.

      Known Issues & Comments

      *There may be some FPS issues on some machines. I wanted to have an open feel to the cottage, with lots of glass doors. Because of this, I had to do the cottage in very few cells. This did give me the opportunity to create the illusion of the cell continuing behind the loading glass doors. I hope that you enjoy the effect! I do not make low-calorie FPS mods, and I will not modify the cottage to accomidate. I apologize for this, but it is as it is! *wink*

      *The children have the tendancy to go right through collision walls when they are playing. I believe it is an animation issue. I tried collsion walls around the room, but they went either through them or over them as well! They also ignored any set grid paths. Please just bare with them, children do like to climb up on things they are not supposed to! (Although it does look a bit odd when they go through tables!)


      More Leaves and Foliage

      Because these two mods use scripted trees, and some trees where moved when the cottage was created, there will be trees floating in front of the cottage. An esp fix would not work. If you are using one of these mods, the only known fix that I have been able to manage to come up with is:

      Open up the console by hitting the ~ key.
      Click on the offending tree (you will have to do this for each tree)
      Type in: Disable

      The trees will disappear. You may have to walk around the spot where the trees where, but they will no longer be there.

      The cottage may have some slight tree blending issues with Leafy Morrowind/Forested Morrowind.

      Credits, Usage, and Thanks

      *Emma for the dialogue she added for the children. Also thank you for the Vardenfall Travel Angency scripts that I modified for the travel scroll! I also owe her a big thank you for fixing the mod so that the cottage could only be bought once! THANK YOU!!!

      *Brash and JunkMail for the teady bears!

      *MightyJoeYoung for the toy rocking horse and duck

      *Regan for the toy ball, from Emma's Children Mod.

      *Calishan for the silver teapot set and the small frying pan.

      *The neccesities of Morrowind crew for the following: all the food that begins with the ID NOM: fish, apples, lemons, pears, oranges, onions, rice, pies, Orange Juice, Cyrodillic wine, the grill used in the kitchen, the mixing bowl, the cook books, the scripts (attached to: silver tisane pot, kitchen fireplace, wine keg, and well)

      *Dongle for the following: The basin used in the bathroom,glass doors, harp, sheet music, canopy bed (retextured),and the harpsichord mesh that I retexured to look like a piano (except for the extra keys! *wink*)

      *Barabus for the following: The fireplaces, the fireplace pokers, the coal skuttles, the saucepan, the brass and copper kettles.

      *Pheobe for the paintings used.

      *Baal for the two shovels, and the wheelbarrow

      *Lady E for the following: the hat mesh, and ink blotter (I retextured one from Dragon's Breech). The animated trees. The apples, oranges, and pears are also her meshes. The siamese cat and the cat sounds are from Lady E as well.

      *Rhedd and Gorg for the hair texture used on the hat.

      *Lady Luck for the rose soaps

      *Silaria for the following: Pottery, paint brushes, paint bottles, pottery wheel.

      *Kwishipman for the flat desk mesh.

      *TheSlof and Cenobite for the following items: The chef hat, milk bottles, and salt and peppar shakers.

      *Oom Fooyat for the new teapot mesh, and for fixing up the sofa mesh (originally by MightyJoeYoung)

      *Robearberbil for the bathtub and bath water mesh

      *Lord Yig for the rugs and tapestries

      *Dragan for the curtains

      * Zyndaar & ThreadWhisperer for the Modular Sets. Please do not reuse these sets without first downloading them from:


      * Kartikeya for the Siamese cat retexture

      *Starcon5 for the bookcase mesh

      *William The Taffer for the book mesh and texture. The book edge texture and red case are his textures, I just renamed them so they would not replace all the books. The rose textures are mine. His textures are from Better Books, "The BetterBooks mod replaced all the old blurry book textures with sharp and more colourful textures." He may be contacted at: willthetaffer@juno.com

      *An unnamed member of the Spokane Symphony for the paino peice "music box"

      *Sally Fletcher for her harp peice. I tried repeated contact attempts, to an apparently no longer used email address. If there is a problem with using her free music, I can remove it.

      *Ki Shin Ju for the mirror.


      Please seek the original downloads or contact me and the original creators of the files regarding any usage of files in the mod not made by myself. Some files may be updated by the original creators in their original downloads, and I do ask that you redownload them to receive the updated version of the files.

      Please do not use the music without directly asking, as new information regarding any possible copyrights may be known by that time. Thank you.

      Email: roxykittyd@adelphia.net

    • Oh wie schön, dass Du dieses alte Schätzchen wieder ausgegraben hast!

      Ich kann mich noch daran erinnern, wie ich mit genau diesem PlugIn vor gut vier Jahren das erste Mal etwas für TES übersetzte - leider ist meine DV im Laufe der Jahre abhanden gekommen. Das PlugIn ist aber auch in der EV äußerst spielenswert und mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail gemoddet.

      Auch von mir nur zu empfehlen :wackler